Except for that one day, the five days Holidays for the banks

five days Holidays for the banks
five days Holidays for the banks

One, not two .. Banks will shut for five days. The strike by the bank officials and a vacation for the government vacation. Banks have been holidays from Friday till 26th. Banks will only operate on the 24th day of the day. Many are already concerned that these five days have shown cash flow to clients. There has already been a shortage of cash in ATMs in Vijayawada.
After the annulment of the notes, the cash was not available. The condition of Rs 10000, Rs.2,000, has not been withdrawn from the ATMs. RBI has divided the ATMs into onsite and offsite categories. ATMs that are in the banks of the banks deal with onsite. The RBI has issued orders for 24 hours of cash. Only few banks run them. Customers are looking for alternate routes for a five-day holiday. Those who are not well aware of online transactions are making cash available at home.
On 21st, the All India Banks Authority (AIBOC) strike
Fourth Saturday on 22nd
Sunday of the 23rd
Kisma on 25th
United Forum of Bank Union (UFBU) strike on 26
Plastic transaction is better
The hikes for the banks are indicating that ATMs show dots for clients. It has been difficult to get Rs 100 notes in the ATMs, except Rs 500 and 2000 notes. Only some ATMs are coming in. Customers have to take Rs.500 and Rs.2000 notes if they are not required. Experts say that it is possible to conduct online transactions in such situations. Online transactions in Vijayawada only three to five percent before the annulment of the notes. Bankers now say that ‘E’ transactions have reached 45%.

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